Dove is Problematic but that Advert wasn’t Racist



I read the opinion piece written by the black womxn who featured in the  most recent controversial Dove add ( .

I hope more of us who were outraged can take time to watch the full add and read the opinion of the Womxn involved. I watched the full add and it actually wasn’t problematic. It is a 30 seconds GIF that goes from the black Womxn to the white wpmxn then to the Brown Womxn ect and back to black. I got the concepts when watching the full add. I  want people to engage on why this add is still problematic if played fully.

There’s so much real racism in the world right now and it really doesn’t do anything to help our cause when we keep crying wolf because we don’t bother to watch a thirty second GIF. More and more people on my social media seem to be watching the full video but still I haven’t seen any reflection/admission that we were wrong.

I understand that the Facebook add that caused the initial outrage was just over ten seconds. It still showed a GIF of the add but when you didn’t play it the only image that was visible was the one people were sharing of the black model turning white. Dove with their History of racist adds should have known better than to make that the first image that people saw regardless of the context behind that advert. That said, the issue then isn’t really the add itself but that screen shot that was circulating.

The whole race don’t matter theme in the add is problematic on it’s own and we need to call out companies for racism because there are  plenty of actual racist adverts around (some from Dove in the past) that need to be shamed. This just wasn’t one of them.

People eventually realized that the full advert wasn’t problematic but no one wants to have a discussion about context. There’s  No reflection about how we missed the mark with this one. we’ve created a culture that’s about winning an argument rather than having a discussion. It’s harder to admit you got something wrong in a system that is all about winning.

We have to be on the defense because Racist trolls and their children consistently show up to complain when People of colour are talking about racism or sexism. However we cannot ask that people be held accountable for their actions when we refuse to be accountable for ours.


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