Nevsky Prospect in St Petersburg 

In St Petersburg you can wonder around Nevsky district and have an amazing time seeing many amazing things without seeing anything beyond this part of town . This historical district and centre gorgeous and worth multiple visits. 

This Sunday I was showing a friend around when I took some snap-shots and I was just as awestruck at the beauty as I was when I first arrived in Nevsky two months ago. 

Nevsky is beautiful but the city is big, Any Visitor of St Petersburg would be doing themselves a disfavour if they were in the city and did not go beyond Nevsky Prospect. Will try and right about other interesting parts of this Town that are a must see soon. With this said, the center is still worth a visit and here are a few photos from this past Sunday to prove it. 

Autumn at the Mikhaylovsky Gardens

Kazan Cathedral at night

View on Griboyedov Embankment

Corner of Nevsky Prospect and the Griboyedov channel Embankment

Church of the Savior on the Spilled blood

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