Update on the Mogadishu Bombing

I posted a video on YouTube last night with some updates, information and ways to get involved and help with the aftermath of the bombing that happened in Mogadishu last Saturday for those who are wanting to do more than just complain about the state of the media. 

Over 300 people died and the country has limitted resources so we should all not just be praying and criticising  the media for the lack of coverage in this story, we should be true allies right now by providing actual support.

This is the very awkward video on my very new and explorative YouTube channel providing updates and context:


Here is how you can  help: 

1. Kenyan Red Cross launched a fundraising drive for victims of the attack. www.redcross.or.ke

2. AmeriCares is sending relief workers to provide Humanitarian aid and to assist Refugees already living in camps. www.americares.org/eng/ 

2.  Aamin Ambulance is a volunteer emergency services unit in Mogadishu, providing free medical care to impacted citizens. Donate to the GoFundMe page here: http://bit.ly/2xKrMKK

2. Dr Sadiyo Said has launched a crowdfunding campaign benefitting the registered charity Eva Organization . Their aim is to empower people who are in need, in particular women, their families and young people to have a positive impact on the world in which they live. Here’s a link to the crowdfunding campaign page: http://bit.ly/2ylsMnV

3. The Somali Mental Health foundation is a US-based NGO that operates across Somalia. Its focus on “severe mental health disorders” will play a critical role in bringing awareness and treatment to survivors of the attack combatting PTSD. Donate here: http://bit.ly/2xKs3II

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